Get more customers with Persona-driven marketing

Persona-driven marketing is a process that helps businesses zero in on their ideal customer. Create Personas within ByDiscovery to get started.
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Say hello to Personas

Personas are like characters in a book. They help you understand your customers (and potential customers) better. When you know who your Personas are, you can start creating targeted content that speaks to them directly.

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Personalize Persona experiences

Creating a Persona is just the beginning. You can run different checklists and goals, and track how each Persona responds. From there, you can adjust your strategy to better meet their needs.

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Analyze data to reach the stars

Each Persona delivers valuable Insights. By analyzing your Persona data, you can make better decisions about your marketing strategy and campaigns.

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Segment buying intent

Persona for the win

With persona-driven marketing, your business will be able to better connect with customers and create long-lasting relationships. So what are you waiting for? Start creating Personas today!

ByDiscovery has been a revolutionary addition to our marketing arsenal. It has helped us more accurately understand how visitors interact with our website and offers suggestions for how we can improve conversion rates. I would highly recommend them to any business!
William Guthridge
Chief of Marketing, Convertin

Features = benefits

We focused on delivering outcomes, not just empty names and functionalities. Here is what you can achieve with ByDiscovery.
Setup a step-by-step journey for various groups of current or potential customers for a better browsing experience.
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Collect valuable data for improving performance, optimizing campaigns, and increasing conversions.
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Visitor Profiles
See Why, When & Who visited your site, to get the best info on How to best navigate your products Growth & Sales.
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