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Make your marketing work

From the start, get to know Buyer Personas and provide them with the best experience possible.
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Deliver the best marketing experience

Don’t let your potential customers wander around your website trying to find what interests them most, rather provide them with their very own personal touchpoint instantly.
Lower bounce rate
If you can navigate your potential customers to an exact solution that fits their needs, you win. Now, with ByDiscovery, you can.
Better targeting
Your marketing activities become more targeted, precise, and efficient when you offer your audience pathways to flow.
More effective work
Work no longer goes to waste. It is now easier to get your content seen by those who will benefit the most from it.

Data is the new marketing gold

With ByDiscovery, you can gather visitor insights within seconds and transform it into actionable conclusions to improve your marketing strategies.
It’s simple as ABC
One checklist, many outcomes. With ByDiscovery, you can:
Get to know your website visitors
Shorten the user journey on your website
Convert potential users on the spot
Customer Journey
Create a personalized checklist in a few clicks
Such a discovery checklist is:
A non-invasive way to boost engagement
An indicator to optimize your content strategy
An extra touchpoint with your Buyer Personas
Journey checklist
Insights fueling your marketing strategy
Having a hard time figuring out who your actual audience is? With ByDiscovery, you'll have extra data your competitors won't.
Identify Buyer Personas as they enter your site
Get your marketing performance optimized right away
Target your audience with precision and relevance
ByDiscovery gave our visitors a personal touchpoint that they could use to navigate through our website and find what they were interested in.
— Julia Bliss
Marketing Manager
Make your marketing great again
It’s all about effectiveness. And it’s sorted with ByDiscovery.
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