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Build personalized checklists to learn about your users - and to help them learn about your product.
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Deliver the best product experience

ByDiscovery helps you take care of all your customers, current & potential, every step of the way.
Better onboarding
With checklists, you can improve the experience before, during, and after your users sign up for your product or services.
Increased satisfaction
Your users are more likely to be loyal and satisfied with your business once they get a personalized experience.
More feedback
Checking and analyzing Insights will enable you to draw unique conclusions for your product development.

Get better results with ByDiscovery

With ByDiscovery, you can use a set of tools to improve your product from all angles – in and out.
User experience, redefined
One checklist, many outcomes. With ByDiscovery, you can:
Provide your clients with a customized features’ overview
Deliver a list of curated content pieces for each user
Set up a sequence of tasks to perform to configure your product for individual needs
User Journey
It’s an experience, not just a list
Such a discovery checklist is:
A great source of user feedback
A roadsign for further product growth
A way to stay in touch with your actual users
User Timeline
Our product for Your product
Using ByDiscovery insights, you can develop your product based on data, not guesswork.
Analyze the best performing content and pages
Get to know your Buyer Personas even better
Apply optimization tactics to your UX and UI
User activities
ByDiscovery has been an amazing way to show our users a personalized journey. It has been easy to use and has given us great results.
— Ronald Jensen
Product Manager
Make your product great again
It’s all about effectiveness. And it’s sorted with ByDiscovery.
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