Turn visitors into leads on autopilot

Design a personalized experience for your Buyer Personas and help them get to know your business their way.

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Know why people are visiting your website

With ByDiscovery, you can quickly segment your website visitors and serve them the content & solutions they need, when they need them…

Discover Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas are the Holy Grail of targeting and increased conversion rates. Identify them, and use them wisely!

Get to know why & get to know who is visiting your site.
Convert visitors into customers
Offer unrivaled browsing experiences
Personalize journeys

Take care of your potential customers from the very first touchpoint, providing them with customized user journeys.

Segments and divides content for each group
Navigates Buyer Personas to particular actions
Allows visitors to skip unnecessary steps in their journey, for quicker conversion
Widget - Checklist
Onboard more customers

No business is going to say “no” to more customers. With ByDiscovery, it happens on the spot.

Analyze and optimize sales funnels
Lower lead acquisition costs
Receive more useable data to boost sales

Seamless sales with a seamless experience

The ByDiscovery widget allows you to collect email addresses and generate leads in a flash – and the ByDiscovery dashboard helps you make the most of that data.

Lead scoring made easier

Preview your customers’ profiles and see which ones can be converted quicker than others.

Scale up your sales

Generate more sales quicker, thanks to increased & more efficient data.

Ideal touchpoint

Continue to deliver other amazing experiences through various communication channels, as you wish.


Features = results

We focused on delivering results, not just empty names and functionalities. Here is what you can achieve with ByDiscovery.


Recognize, configure and implement Buyer Personas in your strategy to gather more precise and actionable data.

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Setup a step-by-step journey for various groups of current or potential customers for a better browsing experience.

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Collect valuable data for improving performance, optimizing campaigns, and increasing conversions.

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Visitor Profiles

See Why, When & Who visited your site, to get the best info on How to best navigate your products Growth & Sales.

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Create personalized journeys on your site for potential future customers & preview their activities.


Build interactive experiences with personalized product demos to close more deals, show new features and guide users through the product.

More features

So intuitive, you have no excuse not to try it..

We powered-up ByDiscovery, with features to streamline processes & optimise performance throughout your company.

Easy configuration

Simply install our JavaScript code to get started.

Checklists creator

Set up and customize checklists for your Buyer Personas.

Intuitive dashboard

Turn data into actionable conclusions in a user-friendly panel.

Multilevel analytics

Check statistics of a profile, page or action level to see what works & what doesn’t.

Cross-promotion potential

Use information you gathered with ByDiscovery for other campaigns and communication.


ByDiscovery can deliver you insights on both web and mobile performance.

ByDiscovery has been an amazing way to show our visitors a personalized journey. It has been easy to use and has given us important insights.
Ronald Jensen
Marketing Manager

ByDiscovery boosts your business, as a whole

Convert, engage, and retain more visitors with personalized experiences & paths, reflecting each user’s intent.

Power up your marketing

Gain more insights from your audience & improve the overall company strategy with modern marketing funnels for higher conversion rates.

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Supercharge your sales

Give your sales a Boost, with ready-to-convert leads & help your team to close more deals faster and (almost) effortlessly.

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Develop your product

Take care of product-market fit with instant feedback from your users and work on insights you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

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Integrations (soon)

Leverage integrations

Connect ByDiscovery with your favourite tools and apps, in seconds.

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