Power up data analysis with insights that matter

Businesses need to make data-driven decisions to stay competitive, but analysis can be time-consuming and complex. Our Insights feature streamlines the process by giving you quick, actionable insights into their data.
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Make confident decisions

Informed decisions impacting your business are only possible when you have full visibility into all aspects of your data. With our Insights feature, you can easily identify patterns, trends, and relationships hidden in your data.

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Which Personas convert best?
Dive deep and uncover unique data

The Insights feature provides instant access to the answers you need, when you need them. You can explore your data in new ways to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and relationships.

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Which Personas are discovered most often?
Get the full story

The Insights feature gives you the ability to quickly understand your data – so that you can leverage Buyer Persona Data to improve your marketing efforts, understand which products are selling best, or predict customer churn.

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Pulse & activities

Stop guessing and start knowing

The Insights feature helps you go beyond the surface level to truly understand your data. With quick, actionable insights, you can make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on your business.

ByDiscovery has been a revolutionary addition to our marketing arsenal. It has helped us more accurately understand how visitors interact with our website and offers suggestions for how we can improve conversion rates. I would highly recommend them to any business!
William Guthridge
Chief of Marketing, Convertin

Features = benefits

We focused on delivering outcomes, not just empty names and functionalities. Here is what you can achieve with ByDiscovery.
Setup a step-by-step journey for various groups of current or potential customers for a better browsing experience.
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Recognize, configure and implement Buyer Personas in your strategy to gather more precise and actionable data.
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Visitor Profiles
See Why, When & Who visited your site, to get the best info on How to best navigate your products Growth & Sales.
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